Support & Conduct

Rights and Responsibilities

support-and-conduct2St. Joseph School students are expected to behave in an appropriate manner that enhances the learning process and demonstrates respect for peers and adults.  In order to ensure this educational environment, every student has the same rights and corresponding responsibilities within the school community.

Student Rights

  • Right to a Catholic educational environment where charity, justice, and peace are the defining benchmarks
  • Right to a school environment filled with challenging, well-prepared instructional opportunities, supplemented with appropriately designed reinforcement and/or homework assignments
  • Right to be safe
  • Right to be treated with respect and understanding
  • Right to be heard
  • Right to a clean and safe school environment

Student Responsibilities

  • Arrive on time for all classes and school activities
  • Be respectful and courteous toward others
  • Be prepared for classes with completed homework assignments and all materials needed to participate fully in classes
  • Obey all regulations regarding safety and behavior at all times during the school day and extended day program.
  • Treat the school property with care
  • Comply with the uniform code

Student Codes of Conduct (click to download)


Buddy Program

buddy-program2St. Joseph School is proud of our “Buddy” Program in which younger students are formally paired with older students for a variety of experiences, including accompanying each other to school masses and events and sharing special school projects with one another. This is one of the many strengths of our JK-8th grade school as older students learn the valuable lesson of mentoring and caring for younger students and working with them on academic skills. Additionally, younger students get to know older students who provide encouragement and serve as role models. Not only does our Buddy Program provide support and enhance the overall sense of community and well-being within the school, but seeing the looks on the faces of our young students as they work with their buddies is priceless.