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We are actively planning for the 2020-2021 school year and are eager to return to campus committed to following all recommended safety guidelines. Families with students entering kindergarten may find links and information regarding 2020-2021 school supplies below. This year, Preschool and Jr Kindergarten students need not purchase supplies prior to the first day of school in the fall as teachers will share information regarding these items once students have returned to classrooms.

We are pleased to announce this fall we have renewed our partnership with Edukits as a provider of Kindergarten classroom school supplies. Edukits provides an easy, optional way to order supplies for students, with classroom-specific kits delivered straight to your students’ desks here on campus. Please note that orders placed through Edukit must be received no later than June 30, 2020 to ensure timely delivery and free shipping to school. Orders placed after this date will incur a late fee. Please note that Kindergarten Edukits will be ordered in bulk with St. Francis Xavier School, but will be delivered to St. Joseph School.  Kindergarten supply lists for SJS and SFX are the same. 

Alternately, families who prefer to purchase these classroom school supplies from retailers of their choosing and to bring those items to school with them on the first day of school on August 26th may do so at any time during the summer months. All brands listed may be substituted with other brand items.  Again, please note that the St. Francis Xavier Kindergarten Supply List and the St. Joseph School Kindergarten Supply List are identical. 


We are thrilled to announce that the RUSH Executive Function curriculum piloted this past year was hugely successful in supporting student organization. Compelled by positive feedback and successful outcomes, we commit to continued implementation of materials rooted in an EF curriculum for the 2020-2021 school year. With a structured system in place and supportive repetition and practice, we look forward to continuing to strengthen our students’ frontal lobe/executive function process. Students in kindergarten will purchase the contents of their respective Executive Functioning systems separately from their specific Edukit order. No action is needed by families at this time. Watch for a future Newsblast about how to order the contents (folders) of the Executive Functioning system for your rising Kindergarten student later this summer.