Parking Lot Procedures

Please follow these important safety reminders:

  • Students must exit on the car’s passenger side and should not walk between cars. A teacher will assist you if you have something in the trunk.

  • Parents may not exit the vehicle in the drop off line. If a child is unable to exit the car without your assistance, please park the car and walk your child to the door.

  • The white walkway between the center isles is considered a safe area for children to walk. Use only the walkway to walk to and from your car. Do not drive over the walkway at any time during a school day even if you think no children are present.

  • For safety reasons, the teachers helping with the unloading and loading of children in the car line cannot stop and talk to parents during these times. They are more than happy to meet with you at another time.

  • If the drop off or pick up line is backed up out to Ridge Ave., drivers must either pull in the school lot and park or circle around the block. Drivers cannot stop on Ridge – this blocks traffic and police will issue tickets.

  • Drivers must comply with all parking signage, handicap areas and crossing guard instructions when parking in the lot.


Remember that it is ILLEGAL to be on your cell phone in a school zone.


Parking Lot Traffic Pattern Flow:

Please keep our students safe! 

Thank You!

If your child is unable to enter the vehicle without your assistance, please park your vehicle in the parking lot and walk your child to the safety zone via the designated crosswalk.

Parents may opt to park their vehicles and meet their children in the safety zone via the designated crosswalk. Children must be accompanied by an adult when using the crosswalk. Parents who meet their child in the safety zone and remain after dismissal are responsible for supervising their children. Please do not put teachers in the difficult position of watching your child while you are there.

Teachers will remain outside until 3:30 pm. If you have not arrived by 3:30, your child will be taken to the after-school area and you will be charged the applicable after-school fee.

Bad Weather Days:

On bad weather days, all children will enter the building in the morning through the west door. As always, parents still have the option to park their vehicles and walk their children to the west door. Once inside the building, the children should proceed directly to their classrooms. At 8:30 am the west door is locked. On bad weather days, students will assemble in the gym for afternoon dismissal.

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