Our Academic Commitment to Every Student

Our students are the center of our school, and as such, advancing their academic, social, emotional, and spiritual growth lies at the core of all we do here at St. Joseph Wilmette School. St. Joseph students benefit from opportunities to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities and programs designed to help them become well-rounded, and allow them to explore new interests and learn valuable life lessons beyond the traditional classroom. These experiences compliment the academic life of our students and enable significant leadership opportunities for them.


From Brownies and Cub Scouts to competitive varsity sports, fine arts, and enrichment programs, St. Joseph students grow and excel academically, socially and spiritually.

Academic Achievements

St. Joseph School is proud to continue a history of mathematics success among our Junior High students.   Due in part to committed students and talented faculty who nourish and encourage a love of math, St. Joseph graduates leave our school well prepared for high school academics.

Promoting differentiated learning in the classroom, St. Joseph School recognizes students who excel in math concepts and is able to challenge them both in-house and support them in attending accelerated programs available in the community.  St. Joe’s consistently has 7th and 8th grade students taking advanced placement math at New Trier or Loyola Academy. In the 2014/2015 school year, we have 4 students taking honors Algebra, 4 students taking honors Geometry and one student taking Algebra 2 at Loyola. Three of these students had been admitted to the New Trier math program but elected to go to Loyola.

ACT Aspire Testing

Every year, St. Joseph School, along with all Archdiocesan schools administers the ACT Aspire to students in the third through eighth grades. This standardized test is conducted across five different subject areas: reading, english, math, science and writing. 

Beginning in the 2017-18 school year, students will take two interim assessments in the fall and winter before taking the summative assessment in the spring. The two interim assessments allow teachers to track student progress throughout the school year and give teachers a chance to address specific areas of need in the classroom. 

The students of St. Joseph School routinely receive high marks on the ACT Aspire and consistently perform well above the national norm. For instance, in the 2016-17 school year, as a school 96% of students received readiness scores of exceeding or ready in the category of English. 

Each student’s results are distributed to parents so that they may review their child’s performance relative to the school, benchmark scores and national norms.


"I'm proud to send my children to a school where graduates win Loyola's Bellarmine Scholarship year after year. And furthermore, three SJS alumni (from the same class) earned perfect scores on their 2018 ACTs!"

- Grace, parent of 1st & 3rd graders