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The Foundation for Life-Long Learning

St. Joseph's kindergarten curriculum provides a strong academic foundation where students can challenge themselves and also discover and explore the world around them. We focus on developing Executive Functioning skills, growing a love of literacy, all while integrating our faith-based program that combines traditional elements with innovation to make learning come alive.

Our skilled team works collaboratively to provide differentiated classroom instruction to help students reach their maximum potential. Programs are designed to engage students in building skills and abilities needed for life-long learning. 
Language Arts

Emphasis is on phonics and phonemic awareness, reading fluency and comprehension, grammar, composition.


Hands-on activities and experiments, classification, exploration and predicting outcomes.


Develop a relationship with God, scripture readings, prayer circles with a focus on compassion and empathy. Participation in prayer services in the chapel and Masses in the church. 

Social Studies

Explore global cultures, geography and map skills, citizenship and community.


Develop critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving, and quantitative reasoning skills.


Focus on Spanish, yoga, library, and music.

"Everyone I know who sends their kids to St. Joe's, loves it!"

- Donald, parishioner