Beatrice Cavoto – Early Childhood

Mrs. Cavoto has an MAT in Early Childhood Education from National Louis University and a BA in Music from St. Xavier University.  She received the Distinguished Service Award from St. Xavier given in recognition of her outstanding contributions to campus life and the community. 

Bea Cavoto began teaching at St. Joseph School in 2000 and has taught Religious Education at St. Nicholas Church in Evanston, and Queen of Martyrs in Chicago. During her time at Queen of Martyrs, Mrs. Cavoto also created and directed the children’s hearing/hearing impaired choir. She believes that the way young children learn about their world is how they will view their world for the rest of their lives. Mrs. Cavoto states, “It is highly important to lay the appropriate foundation down for life-long learning at an early age.”   

Mrs. Cavoto lives in Evanston with her husband and their cats.  She loves music, animals, and is a member of a Sherlock Holmes scion society.

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