Emergency Hardship Assistance

Every so often, families may encounter emergencies in their lives which put them in a position of financial hardship.  At St. Joseph School, we are sensitive to the needs and situations of our families.

All families may apply for emergency hardship assistance through PSAS. Designed to serve as a national standard of objective measurement of ability to pay for elementary and secondary education, the PSAS Need Analysis System assumes that if parents have chosen a non-public education for their children, they have an obligation to finance that education to the best of their ability. The income and assets of the family are taken into account, as well as the size of the family, age of the parents, the number of children attending tuition charging schools, the state and/or metropolitan area where the family resides, the value of parents’ assets, and the number of working parents. Emergency hardship assistance is not taken into account for the admissions process to St. Joseph School.