Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does our family have to be parishioners of St. Joseph Church to register?

No.  Admission is offered to non-parishioner families; however, it is based upon the availability of classroom space and resources.

Are all students Catholic?

No.  We welcome students of all faiths.  All students participate in Catholic religious instruction and activities related including regular school masses.

Does the School use a priority in registration?

Yes.  Students are enrolled based on the following priority:

1. Currently enrolled parishioner students

2. Siblings of enrolled parishioner students

3. New parishioner students

4. Currently enrolled non-parishioner students

5. Siblings of enrolled non-parishioner students

6. New non-parishioner students

Based on registration priority, a waiting list is started once the maximum number of children per grade is reached.

What is the deadline for enrollment?

Student registration for families currently attending the school starts in early January.   Enrollment for new families is on going.

What is the class size? 

In order to maintain our high standards in both learning and instruction, we have set the following guidelines for the maximum number of students in a given class: 

  • 2 year old: 12 students per section (with teacher and aide)
  • Early Childhood: 20 students per section (with teacher and aide)
  • Kindergarten through 4th grade: 18 students per class
  • 5th through 8th grades: 20 students per class

These guidelines are well below the Archdiocese of Chicago maximums of thirty-five students per class.

What are the age requirements for admission?

  • 2 year old: Child must be two by September 1st  
  • 3 year old program: Child must be three by September 1st
  • 4 year old program: Children must be four by September 1st
  • Kindergarten: Children must be five by September 1st
  • For all other grades, transcripts must show successful completion of the prior grade.

Is the kindergarten full day or half day?

Kindergarten is a full day program and preschool may be either 1/2 day or full day.