Grade School (K-5th)

ecd2From Kindergarten through Fifth Grade, St. Joseph School continues to provide a creative learning environment with increasing structure and complexity as children grow and progress. We strive to create an atmosphere which encourages self-worth, compassion and an understanding of their special place as a child of God.

Our core curriculum includes religion, language arts, reading, math, science and social studies. St. Joseph School also offers instruction in other subjects including music, art, physical education, Spanish and computer. The goal of our curriculum is to cultivate the development of the whole person.

In the Third Grade, ability grouping is introduced for certain subjects to ensure that each child receives the instruction needed to address their own stage of development and ensure mastery of the underlying subject matter.

Students are evaluated periodically with quarterly report cards as well as progress reports at the mid-point of each quarter. From Kindergarten through Third Grade, students are assessed based on their mastery of specific content within each subject area. In Fourth and Fifth Grade, they are assigned letter grades for each subject.


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