Terra Nova Performance

Every year, St. Joseph School, along with all Archdiocesan schools administers the Terra Nova Achievement Test to students in the second through seventh grades. This standardized test is conducted across five different subject areas: reading, language arts, math, science and social studies and also presents a composite score across reading, language and math. Our students’ results are aggregated and compared against a national average set at the median, or norm, for the national population – in other words 50% of the students taking this exam perform better than the median and 50% of the students score below the median. These results are used to assess the effectiveness of the school and are reviewed in detail to identify strengths as well as areas for improvement.

The students of St. Joseph School routinely receive high marks on this exam and consistently perform well above the national norm. For example, in 2013, grade level performance on the composite score varied with an average student in any given grade ranking anywhere from 70% to 96% higher than the population taking the test.

Each student’s results are distributed to parents so that they may review their child’s performance relative to the school and national norms.